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The Rock and Roll Hall continued: Who Cares?

This is our first week, so we’re covering anything. But we can’t get down with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.




Hall of Fames work best with quantifiable products like sports. Baseball has reams of specialized statistics available to compare today’s players to their predecessors. For the most part, they help the voters select the right candidates for election.


For pop music, the product is a totally subjective and niche-dominated. There are hundreds of bands you can put in a place like this. Some are more conventional choices than others but the list is long, everybody’s list is different.



Lists are fun. We‘re making our own. List good for organizing your thoughts. They’re also easy copy for a lazy journalist or blogger. But no one pretends our list or anyone’s is anything more than a list of favorites. Who cares what this panel, or any panel, thinks?


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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Coverage

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts five new members tonight. The honorees are:

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five


The hall inducts its first hip-hop artist

Billboard interviews Flash

Flash of genius

The beginning of the rap era

Mad props to Grandmaster Flash



Welcome to the club

A profile of a “25-year rockin’ role

Twenty-five years ago, R.E.M. put Athens, Ga. on the college rock map

For Michael Stipe, the feeling is mutual.

The Ronettes


A tribute to the Ronettes

Ronnie Spector waited 19 years for this day

Phil Spector blasts the group’s induction.

The mad, vicious life of Phil and Ronnie Spector

Patti Smith


Honoring Rock and roll’s Tom Paine

Patti’s take in NYT: “Ain’t it Strange?”

Patti discusses her induction with the Boston Herald.

The Rebel Grace of Patti Smith

Van Halen


David Lee Roth thinks the Hall snubbed him.

The Hall disputes Dave’s version of the story.

Eddie check into rehab and will not be attending.

Hall of Fame or Shame?

AOL will be streaming video of the event here. For live updates from the event, visit PhillyBurb’s blog, starting at 8:30pm.

In the meantime, Right Celebrity is sharing videos from the honorees.

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In the News

NYT calls for the scalp of ‘The Failed Attorney General.’

Abandoned backpack in a trashcan disrupts Seattle ferry service.

Sen. McCain bites the hand he wants to feed him.

Newt Gingrich apologizes for his sins but not his hypocrisy

17 years late, Sen. Obama settles his outstanding balance with the Harvard meter maids.

More large-vote states consider early 2008 primaries. Which state will be the first to move its primary into 2007?

Comedian Richard Jeni shoots himself in the face.

Woman hospitalized after her cat bit her 20 times

The toughest 101-year old lady in New York

Do cell phone driving bans work?

The Spanish-language “Simpsons” voice actors threaten to boycott the upcoming movie if they aren’t hired to dub it

Updated bracket for the 2007 Beer Madness title

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Radio in the Age of Digital Reproduction

In an excellent post on the pressures facing his favorite internet radio station, Daily Kos diarist Nolan writes:

“[T]he Copyright Royalty Board has decided to increase the fees on internet radio from about 10-12% of Radio Paradise‘s annual gross income to about 125% of their gross annual income.”

“And FM stations don’t pay a dime.”

That’s because the relevant legislation doesn’t recognize ‘internet radio’ as ‘radio.’ Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith of Radio Paradise explains:

Radio Paradise

“Digital radio transmission was not a radio broadcast at all, but a sequence of perfect digital copies of music performances provided to the user, who could then copy them rather than paying to own a CD.”

This is a farce and a shame, but unsurprising.

Please sign Radio Paradise’s petition.

If you’re looking for other sources of new music online, here are few places to start

All Music Guide – good and comprehensive catalogue with details, reviews, and suggestions based upon stylistic and mood categories.

Pandora – Plug in the name of an artist or the title of a song, and Pandora generates a playlist of songs with similar structural elements. So a search for Björk gets you music with electronic influences, meandering melodic phrasing, or a breathy female lead vocalist, and so forth.

The suggestions hit or miss, but my playlists easily batted .300.

Musicovery – Interactive web radio service that sorts music by era, mood, dance-ability, or genre.

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Let’s Run Amok!

Welcome to the Run Amok blog!
We’re a group of New York musicians and friends playing catchy, bouncy rock and pop with influences from the Beatles to Björk to the Replacements.

If you’d like listen to our debut EP or download our songs free, please visit the Run Amok on

The Run Amok EP

The Run Amok

1. Wrecking Ball
2. We Do It (All of the Time)
3. My Permission
4. Wishers-Well

Take a listen! We welcome in any feedback or input.

Also, if you’re here in the city, we’re always looking for more collaborators. Are you a musician in the city looking for new folks to play music with? If you’re looking for a project, or for contributors to your project, let’s talk.

We’re always willing to work with anyone in any way possible!

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