Radio in the Age of Digital Reproduction

In an excellent post on the pressures facing his favorite internet radio station, Daily Kos diarist Nolan writes:

“[T]he Copyright Royalty Board has decided to increase the fees on internet radio from about 10-12% of Radio Paradise‘s annual gross income to about 125% of their gross annual income.”

“And FM stations don’t pay a dime.”

That’s because the relevant legislation doesn’t recognize ‘internet radio’ as ‘radio.’ Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith of Radio Paradise explains:

Radio Paradise

“Digital radio transmission was not a radio broadcast at all, but a sequence of perfect digital copies of music performances provided to the user, who could then copy them rather than paying to own a CD.”

This is a farce and a shame, but unsurprising.

Please sign Radio Paradise’s petition.

If you’re looking for other sources of new music online, here are few places to start

All Music Guide – good and comprehensive catalogue with details, reviews, and suggestions based upon stylistic and mood categories.

Pandora – Plug in the name of an artist or the title of a song, and Pandora generates a playlist of songs with similar structural elements. So a search for Björk gets you music with electronic influences, meandering melodic phrasing, or a breathy female lead vocalist, and so forth.

The suggestions hit or miss, but my playlists easily batted .300.

Musicovery – Interactive web radio service that sorts music by era, mood, dance-ability, or genre.


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