In the News

NYT calls for the scalp of ‘The Failed Attorney General.’

Abandoned backpack in a trashcan disrupts Seattle ferry service.

Sen. McCain bites the hand he wants to feed him.

Newt Gingrich apologizes for his sins but not his hypocrisy

17 years late, Sen. Obama settles his outstanding balance with the Harvard meter maids.

More large-vote states consider early 2008 primaries. Which state will be the first to move its primary into 2007?

Comedian Richard Jeni shoots himself in the face.

Woman hospitalized after her cat bit her 20 times

The toughest 101-year old lady in New York

Do cell phone driving bans work?

The Spanish-language “Simpsons” voice actors threaten to boycott the upcoming movie if they aren’t hired to dub it

Updated bracket for the 2007 Beer Madness title


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