State of the Arts

Music and Game Design

Synthopia: Brian Eno and Will Wright on Generative Systems in Music and Game Design

designer Wright (r.) enlists Eno to collaborate on his new game Spore. Here, Wright and Eno discuss their creative processes.

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Contemporary Art

The New Criterion: Why the Art World is a Disaster
Sight and Sound: Art on the Cutting Edge?

Roger Kimball bemoans the decoupling of artistry and craft in the contemporary art scene. Brigitte Werneburg asks what contemporariness means in the art world today.

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Global Hip Hop

Arena: Aboriginal Hip Hop
New Music Strategies: Case Study: Indonesian Hip Hop

American hip hop reaches some of the globe’s least likely corners.


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Idolator: Alt-Rock Radio is in Sort of an Icky Place Right Now
Commercial rock radio stations struggle to set tastes in the new media era.

NYT: The Boys in the Band are in AARP
How the garage band replaced the trophy wife and the sports car as the ultimate midlife crisis.


The Daily Record (UK): Kids Don’t Need Music
Meanwhile, the kids just don’t dig it anymore, Noel Gallagher bitches (for a change).

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