How to rationalize not buying an iPhone

I love myPod but if this is what it takes, I’ll wait to upgrade, thank you very much.

Scholars and Rogues offers more useful rationalizations. For frustrated consumers:

[W]hen you sign up for an iPhone, you’re not just getting a phone from Apple–you’re locking yourself into a two-year exclusive contract with AT&T, the sole carrier of the iPhone at present. The phone carries a hefty price tag, and you’ll incur an equally nasty $175 termination fee if you decide to break your contract early. Most people I know don’t have the scratch to pay as much as $675 for testing a phone, so you’re pretty much stuck with it.

And for activists:

And that means for the next two years or so, your bills are going to support a company that is turning over your calling records to the government without your knowledge or consent. AT&T also provided extensive assistance to the NSA in developing and facilitating its massive illegal wiretapping initiative, which violates everything from FISA to the Constitution.

Not to mention, it might not work:

You finally get your iPhone (after maybe waiting HOURS) and what happens during activation? Error city! Many people are reporting various errors… the one I have seen a couple of times is the following:

We’re sorry, AT&T has determined that your current account cannot be used with the iPhone.

Other people are seeing this error:

Your activation requires additional time to complete.

Somewhere, PC Guy is smiling smugly. His army rejoices:

Now granted I am sure Apple tech support is extremely busy however it would seem this is just a minor (little sarcasm there) oversight on Apples part…

If you have Windows Vista 64bit edition (possibly Winsows XP 64bit) [sic] and would like to use your iPhone in combination with iTunes, forget it! At least for the time being. I could reinstall Windows XP or Vista 32 bit I guess, but then again I shouldn’t have too!

Still, I’ve got a feeling this will be the eventual C.W.

The other American cellular companies are in big trouble.


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